Jumpgate Evolution
Jumpgate Evolution was a space themed MMO game developed from 2006-2011 by NetDevil Ltd. The inspiration for this product was based upon the original founders intellectual property, Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative.
Jumpgate Evolution was a space combat game with most, if not all of the features of contemporary MMO's of the time, except characters walking around in 3D environments. Our main competitor was EVE Online, so we knew we knew if we created a robust combat system, even without characters, we could compete. Our goal was to create the best tri-factional combat game with gorgeous space environments as a full fledged MMO.
Perhaps the greatest feat of all was getting off the ground with visuals that could compete with our competitors. By doing so, would mean we could get interest and funding to build a dedicated team. This was my task, greatest joy, and gratitude. I was the first hire of our team of two that eventually turned to a team of twenty-five-ish.
You can read more about Jumpgate Evolution here, on the Fandom Wiki.
Environment Design
Skybox Environments
The Conflux
The conflux were the original baddies of the Jumpgate universe. These alien, bio-mechanical beings invade areas of factional space for all three factions to repel. The inspiration for the conflux came from cuttlefish and squids. This translated into various areas of the body to look translucent with pulsating glows to bring it to life like a beating heart.
This first image of the conflux was featured in The Art of The Video Game by Josh Jenisch
These works were created by Kirk Lunsford  while employed at ©NetDevil Ltd. in coordination with ©Codemasters and ©Gazillion Inc. All works ©Kirk Lunsford or their respective copyright holders mentioned.
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